A gouache of our sitting room

Our friend Nina Lang the hugely talented illustrator  “Flowers on my Desk”  on Instagram sketched our sitting room when she popped round for a visit. I am so enamoured with the her rendering of the  beautiful colours and textures. Go and visit her Instagram account. You will fall in love with her work.

The balcony

The balcony is for most Germans a must when looking for a new dwelling in the city.  We love to potter around in this tiny outdoor space, tend to our plants, get the grill going, enjoy an after work drink and watch our neighbours. Talking of plants: Do not plant daft hybrids or plants not … Continue reading The balcony


Give me patterns, textures and colours. Simplicity is boring.

Dandies & Interiors

Dandies and interiors are inseparable. A real dandy does not only dress himself exquisitely he also designs his living quarters to create a fitting background for his passions. Antiques, collector’s pieces, paintings, curiosa, exotic fabrics, walls covered in eccentric wallpapers and jewel like paint. The more layers, the better. Opulent eclecticism is so now, purism … Continue reading Dandies & Interiors

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